Our DJ

Our on air DJ’s are unique in their own way but please don’t feed them as they won’t leave you alone and they will want more to eat so just a warning not to feed them at how desperate the pleas are. They will keep the music going and make your feet happy and tapping to the beat of the music. Every morning it’s Bones and company to start your day with some laughs along with news, sports, and weather from 6 till 10 followed by two on air DJ’s whom are presently lost in a shopping center. Junior gets you in a relax frame of mind with sarcasm and bad wit from 7 till Midnight with the 90’s @ 9 every week night and as Saturday night approaches its a day of classic rock to get you in that weekend mood. Saturday nights are special with the lost classics and rare hits as you’ll hear the B – sides, one hit wonders and deep album cuts.